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Play The Riddler’s Game in Batman: The Enemy Within

After the announcement of season 2, we have our first trailer for the upcoming episode, Batman: The Enemy Within, and it is making us tingly. At least, we hope it is the trailer. What day is it again?

It looks like The Riddler will be the main bad guy in season 2, and he is much more dangerous than the giggling master of traps and puzzles from the Arkham games. We even see death contraptions that would make Jigsaw from the Saw movies proud.

Speaking of Arkham, it looks like a our friend, John Doe, is on the outside and asking for favors, and he is so happy to see Bruce Wayne. Why would he not be happy when he is always wearing a smile?

We look forward to playing through season 2 starting with the first episode on August 8th.


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