Players Will Be Able to Customize Their Rocket League Training

Players Will Be Able to Customize Their Rocket League Training

Rocket League has seen some pretty cool and consistent updates since its release over a year ago. From new maps and cars to completely new game modes. (Let us know if Snow Day, Hoops, or Rumble is your favorite!)

Now Psyonix is working on the ability to customize your own training regime. You know the part of the menu that lets you practice your goaltending and aerial skills, among others? Now you’ll be able to name your training sessions, choose the map, decide on what sequence, pick a difficulty, and modify tags to describe it all. Not only that but you’ll be able to edit shots, add new shots, and place the car and ball wherever you want on the field. If you want to get more in-depth you can also control the speed and trajectory of the training balls.

Other players will be able to play your training creations, if you upload it, when they are browsing through the ‘Custom Training’ menu. Sadly, for the time being this new addition won’t support cross-platform and only the top fifty downloads will be showcased. If you enjoy a certain training creation, make sure to favorite it so you’re notified if and when updates are released.

Rocket League is still as popular as ever and Psyonix has no plans of slowing down their support.

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