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Playing while True: learn() Will Teach You About Machine Learning

The concept for while True: learn() started as a way for the developers to make a game they could recommend to children while sneakily teaching players about a real idea. You can read the full history here, but the game is available now on the PlayStation Store. It’s goal is for you to have fun while teaching you more about a hot, tech buzzword, machine learning.

The story is about a programmer who is struggling. He learns that his cat is a better programmer than he is, but his cat can’t speak. In order to bridge that gap, he will educate himself about machine learning and create a program to translate his cat’s good ideas into an understandable reality. It sounds like he may need to push away from the computer and coffee for some rest.

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The game is structured as a puzzle, and you’ll use visual programming to work as a freelancer or startup. This keeps you in cash and teaches you more as you work on your side project. That cash can be used to upgrade your PC and buy your cat new outfits, but the goal is for anyone to learn the basic concepts of machine learning. There are no prior programming requirements needed.

It sounds cool, and I like the idea of playing games to learn. It’s currently priced at $14.99 on the PlayStation Store, and you can check out the screenshots and trailer for a look at the learning in action.

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