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PlayStation 4 Fans Should Be Livid at This Special Edition Final Fantasy XV Xbox One

Earlier today (or this morning, depending on where you call home) Square Enix flushed out all the Final Fantasy XV crap that it could manage in one show. It was quite a spectacular feast to be fair, and we enjoyed watching it without scrambling for the latest headline so we actually managed to enjoy it.

We’re still in the process of tapping up the stories, but here’s a quick one that’s bound to get a few of the PlayStation following a bit wound up: there’s a special edition Final Fantasy XV console… and it’s an Xbox One.

Microsoft is giving the custom console away via its twitter feed, so if you really want a Final Fantasy XV console, you’ll have to make do with an Xbox One. Hey, it’s not all bad, the Xbox One’s a decent console.

final fantasy xv

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