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PlayStation 5 Will Only Be For Hardcore Fans, Says Sony

News of the PlayStation 5 has been rather intermittent, despite the console theoretically nearing its launch date. But now the Wall Street Journal has shed a little more light on the future of gaming, though the focus is more on the buyer than the product.

That’s because, according to two anonymous Sony employees, the company is busy narrowing down its target audience. And some of us may not make the grade.

The next generation of console is apparently being marketed towards, what they call, “hardcore” gamers – those who demand the most from their hardware and are highly likely to buy on release. This would help Sony recoup part of the costs of making an 8K, ultra high definition console from the start and drive future sales. It also nurtures an exclusivity angle on the product, which again benefits them rather than our pocket.

This strategy is also being supported by triple A game development, which is being emphasised over smaller, indie titles; these would originate from both internal and external development studios. And dominate the PlayStation 5’s line up, long after its release.

All of this originated in a recent strategy briefing, where Kenichiro Yoshida (Chief Executive of Sony) shared his thoughts on how they’d approach marketing. The word niche was also flung around. However, the move hasn’t been welcomed by all.

Even though Sony are not banning small, independent studios from creating PS5 compatible releases, their lack of support has left many feeling under appreciated by the tech giant. And, more worryingly, under represented. This is despite a number of indie releases breaking records in recent years, and more than holding their own against the mainstay selection. The company feels, however, that the smaller companies lack the resources necessary to create the graphically demanding games we demand. And, more importantly, that they want to offer.

Interestingly, Sony also revealed that Microsoft remains their main competitor – despite the threat that Google’s Stadia poses. That may change in the time between now and the PlayStation 5’s launch, though Google still needs to prove the streaming service’s viability, also.

Are you a “hardcore” player? We’re not sure either. But Sony won’t be stopping us from upgrading, even if we don’t fit their mould.


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