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PlayStation Classic Announced, Get Your Mini PS One This December 3rd

Sony has announced today that it too will be cashing in on that sweet, sweet nostalgia money.The platform holder didn’t say it in such a way, but the announcement of a mini PlayStation console kind of says it by itself.

The console, dubbed the “PlayStation Classic” is a smaller version of the original PlayStation console that released in 1994. However, this is now the digital age so there will be no need to fumble around with multiple disks. While it looks like the original console, it’s far from it. The disc tray isn’t used as the games are pre-installed on the console digitally. You won’t need to check the back of your TV to see if it takes a scart lead, either, as the PlayStation Classic console is HDMI compatible.

The console will come with 20 pre-installed games that include Tekken 3, Ridge Racer 4, Final Fantasy VII. The full list has not yet been revealed at the time of writing. What you also get it the necessary cables [Correction: You don’t get a power lead.] and two controllers that are based on the initial version that originally shipped with the console back in 1994. That means there’s no sticks, just the d-pad for movement control. Yucky.

What’s more is that the console will be really, really cheap, at least in contrast to the latest hardware. The console will cost $99.99 in North America, $129.99 in Canada, £89.99 in the UK, and 99.99€ in Europe. That’s not a bad price for a console with 20 games. And as great as all of this seems, I’m still just a little bummed that there’s no way to play original PlayStation games on the PS4, but I guess that’s another article for later. [Update: That article is now here.]

The PlayStation Classic will release on December 3rd, 2018 worldwide, making it exactly 24 years since the original console’s release.

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