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PlayStation Classic Will Have Different Games Depending on Region

We awoke yesterday to the unexpected news that Sony was copying the tactics of one of their rivals and releasing a miniaturised model of the PlayStation One. Within the press release, we found out that the PlayStation Classic, as it has been christened, will come pre-programmed with 20 games. But it has now been revealed that those twenty will vary depending on where you are in the world.

So far five games have been named. And from today’s talk, those will be common amongst all models. However, the remaining 15, which will remain elusive until Sony decide otherwise, will be selected to best represent their popularity in a specific corner of the world. An interesting tactic, but one that does make quite some sense when you consider how our gaming tastes differ.

This was confirmed by Sony’s top brass,¬†Hiroyuki Oda, who spoke to Famitsu at the Tokyo Game Show 2018. But unfortunately that’s as much as he shared, keeping tight-lipped over what those other titles could be. He did at least say that their significance to the brand was also being weighed against their popularity amongst fans.

It’s all too easy to speculate over what those games could be/should be. Although, perhaps the issue is a little confounded by the recent trend in remasters, especially amongst two of the console’s most revered franchises – Spyro and Crash. This may force the company to tow the thin line between pleasing fans who own their current generation of console, and the remakes that come with it, versus trying to capture a different audience who own neither.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Why not share with us the top five games of the good old days that you’d like to see installed on the PlayStation Classic. You never know, your dreams might come true!

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