PlayStation Communities App Out Today on iOS and Android

Two of the most nifty and useful gaming, phone apps probably belongs to PlayStation. Their first app was released with the ability for a gamer to pull up their profile, friends, activities, trophies, and messages straight from their phone without the PS4 even needing to be on. Then they separated our their PSN messages into its own app and allowed the sending of messages through your phone’s keyboard. No worrying about typing one letter slowly at a time with your Dualshock 4 controller. Both apps have been incredibly helpful and PlayStation is still expanding further. Today, they released a Communities app which lets gamers view, edit, and respond to their joined groups. The Communities tab on the PlayStation 4’s XMB menu is a relatively new addition and acts as a virtual hangout for people of similar game interests. They can group up by game or title and discuss all sorts of things. Now you’ll be able to do all of that conveniently from your phone like you do your PSN messages.

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Be sure to download it and let us know how it treats you. We’ll definitely be trying it out because, well you read our site name right?

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