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PlayStation Got A Million Mentions on Twitter In Just Two Days

The video game industry is usually quite good at marketing. I guess it’s because of the large overheads they have to recoup, but still, it’s no easy feat to win over an audience – especially when there’s strong competition out there trying to do the same. But Sony have once again shown their mastery at sales by practically hijacking all video game chatter on Twitter with their PlayStation brand. And the numbers are quite amazing.

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You don’t need to be reminded that we’ve all been home more in recent months. And that “hibernation”, of sorts, has been accompanied by an increase in online traffic. The trend has been no more apparent than over on Twitter, which is probably having to store an incomprehensible amount of data on its servers; more incomprehensible than usual. This has resulted in video game talk also rising by 89% at the end of the first quarter, just on the site alone. And most of that has seen a mention for Sony or their respective hardware included.

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According to the site’s chief financial officer, the company managed to use this to their advantage “to build interest and awareness for the PS5”. And as a result of their “Branded Emoji, a Promoted Trend Spotlight, and First View”, PlayStation become “the top global trend with over 1 million mentions over two days and a four times higher engagement rate than the benchmark.”  So, you could say Xbox has some catching up to do already…

These numbers are impressive from Sony’s perspective, without question. But they also help Twitter to demonstrate the influence they have on the market. Back in the days of the PlayStation One, there was only word of mouth. Yet, twenty odd years later, here we are talking things through with the ears and eyes of the world. You could argue that’s far more impressive than the six zeroes!

Source: WCCFTech

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