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PlayStation Now Has Actually Been Removing Games From Its Library

Well isn’t this just a bloody bummer. Yours truly here went and booted up his PS Vita (it ain’t dead yet) with the sole intention of getting on PS Now to play some Super Sidekicks. If you’re not sure what Super Sidekicks is then you’re missing out. It’s a footy game (soccer if you spell things with a ‘z’) from the 90’s that was made for the NeoGeo.

It’s a game that this author spent many an hour with as a youngster. Too many hours… The point is that it was available as part of the PS Now subscription package, or at least it was in the UK version. Now it’s gone. Vanished without a trace. In fact, every single NeoGeo game that was included with the service has now been removed.

If you’ve still got the icons for the NeoGeo games on your PS4 dashboard, don’t be surprised when you get a message saying it’s no longer available when you try to play.

We can’t be sure why they’ve been removed, though we’d hazard a guess at licensing issues being the cause of pain and agony for all 12 people who use the service. We’ve shot an email over to Sony to see if there’s anything to be said about it and we’ll update when we know more.

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