PlayStation Platinum Headset Now Releasing on January 19th as Said by Amazon

We’ve covered the upcoming release of PlayStation’s latest headset a few times with the most notable being on how it was delayed to 2017 from its original release date last year. Since then information on the device has been kind of quiet with only a sporadic amount of launch dates being thrown out on the internet. It also doesn’t help that a few of those supposed dates are or were this week. However, we can finally have some semblance of a concrete release date for the Platinum Headset as told by Amazon themselves, and not just their product page. Turns out the expected release date is January 19th, 2017.


We’d be crazy not to have pre-ordered the PlayStation Platinum Headset and we’re glad we did. It seems anyone who has pre-ordered the device through Amazon will get this message. Let us know if you received one because if you haven’t, then the extremely popular online store may be pulling a fast one on us. The 19th this month is on a Thursday which is strange considering how most video game products are released on Tuesday or Friday. Still the wireless headset has been officially delayed once already with only an ever changing product page to indicate a ship date. Anything goes at this point right? The headset can still be pre-ordered here if you’re interested.

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