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PlayStation Plus February 2019 Games Announced and Cloud Storage Increases to 100GB

February’s PS Plus games have been announced, and it’s time for you to either affirm or deny PS Plus’ value once again. For the PS4, I would argue that the top game this month is Hitman: The Complete First Season. You will get all the missions without having to wait, and maybe we will see Hitman 2 added for free someday as well. You can sneak, you can kill, you can disguise yourself, and you can do it all your way as you travel the world as the barcoded Agent 47.

For Honor is the second game for the PS4. The multiplayer game pits vikings, samurai, and knights against each other on 18 different maps in large battles. Choose your favorite, and get to literally whittling down the other side. With so many people jumping into For Honor, it should be easy to find people at the end of your blade.

Beyond those games, the bigger announcement is that Sony will be increasing cloud storage from 10GB to 100GB. It’s a sizeable step in the right direction. Sony could stand to make a few more as we enter the PS4’s twilight and the dawn of the PS5. Remember, I criticize, because I love. I’m just happy to see that this change is being made, and it will go live next month.

As the last month to offer PS3 and PS Vita games under PlayStation Plus, February 2019 is going to be the end of an era. Any that you already have will stay with you as long as you hand over the cash for your PS Plus membership. Otherwise, you will have to buy your PS3 and PS Vita games if you want them.

I think next month around this time will be exceptionally interesting, because it’s a chance for Sony to lay out it’s vision for PS Plus in the future. Will they sweeten the membership benefits with a gamepass system, will they add an extra PS4 game or PS VR game, or will they add new features exclusive to PS Plus subscribers?

It could be everything or nothing. No matter what it is, check back with us, and we’ll give you the straight scoop.

If you have an idea of what it might be, be sure to drop your hopes and dreams (or worries about just being disappointed) in the comments. 

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