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PlayStation State of Play Episode 1 Ready to be Watched at Your Leisure

We’re going to cover the individual videos and info separately, but, if you want to see the new format for the PlayStation Direct State of Play, here is the VOD on YouTube. You’ll want to skip ahead about 13 minutes for the actual content, leaving you roughly 21 minutes for trailers, announcements, and info. It’s brief, focused, and extremely choregraphed to deliver maximum flavor without a lot of filling.

The first State of Play episode has a little for everyone. They pack more PSVR announcements than I would have thought. I appreciate them reminding everyone that this is still a priority. There are also kart racers, sci-fi, and free updates coming to existing games.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t my fully developed opinion, but my gut reaction is that it wasn’t bad. (We might even call it decent around here.) I would rather have a trickle of news, games, and trailers throughout the year as opposed to a massive flood at two or three times. It also seems to respect my time by getting down to business.

Let us know in the comments what you think. Is this a good way to deliver future news, or do you miss the good ol’ days? Why or why not?

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