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PlayStation Store Ratings Flawed By Pre-release Scores

Reviews and star ratings. We all rely on them, somewhat. But if we’ve learned anything from our years of gaming, it’s that you can’t always trust them. Especially when the system is there to be played. However, the official PlayStation Store is the last place you’d expect such tomfoolery – yet it is there that the greatest flaw exists.

As a user on Reddit made us all aware, the game star ratings over on the store are inaccurate. To what degree is difficult to quantify, but far from telling the whole story or truest of views. That’s because anyone who preorders a game – not just buys one – has the choice of leaving their review. Up to five stars, with words, from the moment they’ve made the purchase.

Yes, that’s right. Even before the game is out.

The post author made their point by highlighting this year’s FIFA game as a prime example. A sequel that already has over 1200 ratings, four and a half stars and countless comments. Yet, a handful of days to go before it launches.

Now, you might be thinking ‘how can anyone know whether a game is good or not if they’ve never even made it to the menu – never mind hit a button in anger?’ To which, I reply, only Kratos knows.

The truth is, though, it doesn’t matter. What matters is their intentions, which could easily be to muddy the waters for certain games/developers or to big up a certain title, and the fact that Sony can’t craft code clever enough to lock this feature until the release date has passed. Never mind the countless other stores who must be guilty of the same crime…

But as this is something that has probably been around for a long time by now, I don’t expect it to be fixed soon.

The review and rating system is one we all take notice of, but it’s hard to take it too seriously when its integrity is in question. So perhaps we all need to be careful with how much influence we allow store ratings to have on our gaming habits.

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