PlayStation Studios-Developed MLB The Show 21 is “Free” on Xbox, Paid on PS5 & PS4

This year marks a turning point for the MLB The Show franchise as it’s the first time the game will release on non-PlayStation platforms, much to the chagrin of some…

The house of Xbox has announced that MLB The Show 21 will not just be releasing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but it’ll also be releasing day one onto the fantastic value Gamepass subscription service, meaning that if somebody is subscribed, they won’t pay any extra to play the game. Those on PlayStation, however – and even those with PS Now – will have to pay full price to play some American rounders.

It’s an odd situation, for sure, but each to their own. Sony wants to pull in as much money as possible from its first-party games whereas Microsoft is happy to give them away as part of an ongoing subscription. The kicker here is that Sony has been forced to develop the game for Xbox as well as PlayStation due to the licensing from the MLB, and now Xbox is twisting the knife and smiling as they dole the game out for cheap to Gamepass subscribers.

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Honestly, the real story here is how hilarious the meltdowns are on Twitter. Watching grown men declare that they no longer love a corporation anymore is the natural sweetener in my plain black coffee on a Monday morning. Beautiful.

For everyone else, there’s a decent licensed baseball game releasing on PlayStation and Xbox and it’s coming on April 20th.

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