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PlayStation VR Not Recommended for Kids, Plus More New Details Inside

Are you looking forward to playing all your games in VR? Before you place your pre-order for the holodeck precursor, check out a new document Sony released, showing some interesting details, including the suggested play area. In the guide, it shows a 3 meter depth by a 1.9 meter width (effectively 5.7 square meters or 61 square feet) with the player’s actions being contained in the rear half of that area.

The document also mentions a “Cinematic mode” and “Social Screen” for PS VR.  The “Cinematic mode” will let you play games, watch videos, or “enjoy 360-degree photos or videos” from the PS VR headset. The “Social Screen” has “Mirroring” and “Separate modes“. In “Mirroring mode“, the TV and headset will display the same images. In “Separate mode“, the TV will act as a separate, second screen for co-op or competitive play.

There are a few other additional details that you may not know. First, Sony states that children under 12 should not be allowed to use the headset. They do recommend everyone should try the headset before buying it, and that you should remain seated while playing. (Once released, there will be many YouTube videos showing why this is important.) It is also confirmed that wearing glasses will not exclude you from playing on the PS VR headset as it has been designed to be comfortable for glass-wearing folk.

For a deeper look on what you can expect when PS VR launches, click here for Kyle’s petrifying experience.


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