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PlayStation VR Will Make You “Feel Like a God” in Sociable Soccer

A couple of days ago we reported that Jon Hare’s Sociable Soccer would be supporting VR technology. What wasn’t clear at the time was whether it would be just be the Oculus, the Vive, or the PlayStation VR.

Today we can confirm, thanks to Jon Hare himself, that Sociable Soccer will indeed be supporting Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR, though not until the game launches early next year.

“Yes we can confirm that Playstation VR will be supported when Sociable Soccer is released early next year. That smiling dude is Amar Djouad, our art director, and he is smiling because playing a great football game hovering above the pitch like a god feels amazing,” said Hare in an unexpected comment in our comments section. 

The legendary developer (if you don’t know who Jon Hare is, ask your Dad) also took the opportunity to place some interesting facts and figures about the alongside the confirmation:

We have recently been displaying the regular non VR version of the game at four different trade shows in UK, Sweden & Poland & surveying members of the public playing the game: Survey Details (from 115 people so far)
98% of players of all ages said they either loved or liked the game
66% said it is the best football game they have played this year
Over 50% of FIFA and PES buyers said they find Sociable Soccer more enjoyable to play.

“From the little that I’ve played of Sociable Soccer it will be the year’s best football game, whenever it’s released”
– Oscar Skog, Level

” Sociable Soccer could be one of the most user-friendly football games in recent memory”
– Graham Carr, Indievator

“This was the best game I played at the show…. I feel this could be pure gold.”
– David Cameron, One Up Gaming (No, not that David Cameron, he’s still mooching around at Number 10, Downing Street.)

“Takes football gaming back to the future”
Kristan Reed, ex Eurogamer Editor

“It’s Amazing… Sociable Soccer scratches the arcade soccer itch I’ve had for so, so long.”
-Matt Sephton, ex Apple Technical Evangelist

There’s no quote from Pure PlayStation yet but that’s because we’ve not had the chance to go hands-on with the game, but if you’re desperate for a quote from us, here you go:

“If you can chew it, you can eat it.”
– Chris Harding, Most Unquotable Man of 2016, Pure PlayStation.

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