Playtonic Friends is a New Publishing Label From Yooka-Laylee Developer

Playtonic Games, the developer behind the Yooka-Laylee games, has announced today that it is expanding its business as it opens a new publishing label called Playtonic Friends.

Playtonic Friends will aim to bring new games to players from like-minded developers, using the experience (points?) learned along the way to help budding game creators get their wares into the hands of players. And it won’t be long until we see some of those wares.

Playtonic Friends has already partnered with three studios to bring their games to players over the coming months. Bedfordshire-based Awe Interactive, New York-based Fabraz, and the international studio okidokico.

“The knowledge that we were coming up to our sixth birthday triggered lots of typical Teams calls amongst the staff here at Playtonic,” said Gavin Price, CEO, Playtonic. “Should we all don party hats and video chat together? Should we have a few mocktails, whip out the Karaoke and belt out our best Beyoncé? Or should we launch a new publishing label designed to bring the best games from indie studios the world over to market? Given I had a bit of scratchy throat that evening – and that the establishment of Playtonic Friends had been brewing as a serious ambition for a while – we went with that.”

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Playtonic will be revealing the first games to be published by Playtonic Friends soon, as well as Playtonic Games’ own top-secret new game. More Yooka-Laylee? Or something else? We’ll find out soon, apparently…

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