Please Don’t Fall for the Fake Rumours About Rockstar Games and Agent

There’s a new “rumour” today that Rockstar Games is still working on that old PS3 exclusive that we never actually saw on the system. You know which one we’re on about, right? Agent.

Rumours are coming out of GameZone, who claims to have spoken to insiders “close” to Rockstar, that the publisher is still working on Agent “in some capacity”. The “rumour” goes on to follow with an old rumour that Bully 2 will be the next big game once Rockstar has pushed Red Dead Redemption 2 out the door.

Please, folks, don’t fall for this bollocks. There’s a video version up above, though be warned the language does get a little, erm, rude at times, but the basics are down below.

  1. The site has an “anonymous source” that can’t be revealed. – Bullshit radar is tingling.
  2. The “insider” is “close” to Rockstar, and know what the publishers plans are. – Bullshit radar is tingling harder.
  3. The classic move of pushing out a new rumour alongside an old one to give some credibility. – Bullshit rader is pinging hard.
  4. The author doesn’t have a clue. Says that Rockstar is the developer. No, Rockstar is the publisher behind the different Rockstar studios that make game. – Bullshit radar remains pinging hard, just wanted to point out this dude is an amateur.
  5.  The author has been writing for the website for three days according to his profile, yet has already had contact with numerous “sources” close to Rockstar, most of whom were “cagey” and wouldn’t speak further. – Bullshit radar *TING TING TING!!!*

Honestly, they must think we were born yesterday. Unfortunately, clickbait bullshit is a common thing in this industry as sites vie for clicks and hits at any cost. Not us though, we wouldn’t make up some fake news bullshit for a few clicks. We’re happy to just do our jobs properly, like proper people. If you like decent websites that don’t bullshit you, maybe you should bookmark (people still do that, right?) Pure PlayStation and visit as often as you like.

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