Plunder Mode Is Back For Uncharted 4 – Although With A Few Key Differences

Plunder Mode Is Back For Uncharted 4 – Although With A Few Key Differences

Many of you have been pining for some online Uncharted action this side of the PS3 for a long time now. Then the Nathan Drake Collection was announced and your hopes were rekindled, only to be dashed upon the rocks with the news that multiplayer was being cut from the PS3 classics. Naughty Dog has offered some bread crumbs to tide PS4 fans over in the form of two Uncharted 4 betas. However, that just wasn’t enough and Nathan Drake’s fans need a little more to get them through the next 19 days (that’s when we’ll finally have Uncharted 4 in our hands), luckily Naughty Dog popped by the PlayStation Blog’s offices with some new news for those eager ears.

If you loved Plunder Mode in Uncharted 2 and 3 then oh boy do we have news for you: it’s returning. Wait! There’s more! It’s returning, but with a handful of minor changes. You might remember playing 5v5 matches of Plunder back on the PS3, however the mode has been stripped back a little and it’s now only 4v4. Naughty Dog are confident that the mode will still be fun with slightly less players because it will now be played at a slightly faster pace. This is because the player carrying the Idol will now be able to climb onto objects while carrying it instead of being stuck to the ground. The inclusion of supernatural elements in the multiplayer also promises to keep things tense in the new 4v4 version of Plunder.

If news of a multiplayer mode isn’t enough to satisfy your Uncharted needs until the game comes out then you may have to fly out to PAX East this weekend because Plunder will be playable there. We’ve also included a trailer down below, so you can check out Plunder in action for yourself and witness Nathan Drake making it rain.

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