Poker Club Releasing This Year with Ray Tracing Support and Cross Buy Between the PS4 and PS5

Poker Club is a game that you might overlook, but that would be a mistake. Designed to be a very social game, you can join clubs with your friends and compete with other teams from around the world with online leaderboards. You can even go online to build a successful career in one of seven different locations beginning in the basement of a pizzeria to the lap of luxury in a fancy casino. Playing with other people will be even easier, because it will allow cross-platform play with gamers on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox.

Despite cards being a very analog game, the tech in Poker Club is impressive. Offering 4K with 60 FPS as a start, ray tracing is confirmed for the PS5. The game is built on the Unreal 4 engine, and it will use the haptics in the DualSense controller for more immersion. It’s also cross-buy, so you can play it on the PS4 and PS5 with one purchase.

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With single and multiple table tournaments and with some tournaments allowing 200 players to enter, Poker Club has a lot going for it, especially when real poker tournaments aren’t likely to return soon. If you want to feel the thrill of making a bet or making other players sweat, Poker Club might be a game for the gambler in us all.

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