Portal Knights Hopping from Steam to PS4 in May

Portal Knights Hopping from Steam to PS4 in May

It’s impossible to have too much expansive RPGs or MMOs. Luckily, 505 Games is bringing their Portal Knights to the PlayStation 4 on May 2nd in North America. The game is basically an action RPG, sandbox game with tactical action combat, sophisticated RPG elements, and world events that are shaped by the players. We believe we already checked off a good amount of boxes for what makes a good role playing title but there’s more!

You can approach Portal Knights however you want! Pick an RPG character class, customize your hero, travel between unique islands connected by portals, build and furnish your home, farm resources, battle fearsome bosses, level up through combat, learn new skills, craft a range of weapons and spells, help out friends in multiplayer and much, much more,” said 505 Games Community Manager, Antonela Pounder.

Portal Knights can also be played by yourself or with friends and family in co-op and online multiplayer modes. So if you need help beating enemies, gathering resources, or just crave an adventure buddy, you’re taken care of. We can’t wait to jump into this world and find out more but patience is a virtue. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. You can check out the PS4 reveal trailer above in the meantime.

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