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UPDATE: Power Rangers Aspirer, Chroma Squad, Coming to PS4 Early 2017

UPDATE: It seems that the early 2017 release date has been bumped up every so slightly. A press release on 2/20/17 revealed that Chroma Squad will now launch in May of the same year.

Developer Behold Studios has teamed up with Bandai Namco to publish Chroma Squad on PlayStation 4. It’s expected sometime in North America in early 2017. For those not aware the title released on Steam nearly a year and a half ago. The game takes clear inspiration (if not direct motivation) from the Power Rangers series. Chroma Squad is a single-player, tactical RPG where you guide five stunt actors in their quest to create their own TV show in vein of the aforementioned Power Rangers. You’ll cast actors, acquire upgrades, purchase equipment, craft weapons, and best of all build giant mechs to battle evil for television ratings.

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