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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Has a New Mighty Morphing Gameplay Trailer

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is an upcoming fighting game from mobile developer nWay, and it looks great! Or at least my inner six-year old self thinks so. The game is due out next month and the drum up a bit of business the developers have released a brand new gameplay trailer.

The trailer, which is embedded up above, shows off the Power Rangers as they do battle against familiar foes and even some friends. It’s odd to see Power Rangers fighting each other, but considering they’re a bunch of hormonal teenagers, it is to be expected.

The gameplay looks somewhat similar to traditional 2D fighters such as Tekken and Street Fighter, but with Power Rangers instead of oddly proportioned martial artists. It doesn’t look terrible and it’ll certainly find an audience within the hardcore Power Rangers fandom, but is it the next big thing? Probably not. Still, it looks pretty good and it has the nostalgia factor going for it with the OG Power Rangers making an appearance. Megazords are in, too, but you don’t really get to play as them. Instead, you summon their special abilities to deal huge damage to your enemy. Shame. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the OG Megazord having a scrap with a giant Goldar. Guess I’ll just have to hunt that particular episode down on YouTube…

Source: YouTube

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