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Powerful Guest Characters Will Join You in Fairy Tale’s Campaign

Part of the fun of playing an anime game is getting the chance to interact (read: fight) with your favorite characters. In a new trailer today, the guest characters were revealed, and they will add a punch to your team. These characters are from different guilds, and, although not playable, they can be a powerful asset by automatically performing magical moves. You will be able to add “the Arc of Time user”, Ultear Milkovich, the “Ice-Make Wizard”, Lyon Vastia, the “Burning Hair Wizard”, Flare Corona, and “Sabertooth Guild’s Finest Lady”, Minerva Orland. The trailer shows them in action, and any of them look like a good addition to the team.

Along with the new guest characters, we also learned about the importance of your guild hall. It’s a good place to prepare for the next wild adventure by buying items or challenging characters to duels. This will let you live out that “what if…” fight you’ve always imagined. After the fight, you can grab a drink at the bar that gives you different status effects. If you save up some gold, you can upgrade your guild adding new items and drinks and making the old place look more impressive.

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There are extras for fans who want to spend a little more. The Digital Deluxe version gives a Team A costume set, a bonus Lacrima set, and a DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy. If you buy a physical or digital version of the game during the launch, you can download a special Miss Fairy Tale costume for Ezra which you can see at the end of the trailer.

Fairy Tale will be heating up your summer when it launches on June 26th.

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