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Praise is a Powerful Teacher in The Princess Guide

A new trailer for The Princess Guide highlights a conversation with Monomaria. She leads the kingdom of Yudaria, but they have fallen on some hard times. Even so, her people stay loyal to her, and this is a source of her motivation to do better. As her teacher, she asks you to slap her, but the praise you deliver is far more effective. Also, who goes around slapping people all the time and keeps a teaching license?

The Princess Guide is your chance to teach four princesses how to become effective leaders in their lands, so that everyone can survive a great evil. As an experienced knight, you will learn each girl’s individual story, coach them by giving them orders in battle, and help them grow into the leaders they are destined to be. You can choose to praise or scold, and either choice might help them to become more powerful.

The Princess Guide releases on March 26th.

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