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Pre-load Ghost of Tsushima Now

Ghost of Tsushima is quite an anticipated game that’s scheduled to drop next Friday. Well, now’s your chance to get ahead of the pack by pre-loading the game so it’s ready to go at the tap of button. That way, all that will be left to do is for you to robe up. And probably get ready to lick a lot of wounds.

The PlayStation 4 file is available right now over on the PlayStation Store, and is quoted as being just under 35.5 GB in size. So, on that basis, it isn’t as demanding on your internet connection as some other games this year.  However, it wouldn’t be uncommon for further patches to be added as and when their fixes are finalised, which makes this head start all the more advisable. Because nobody wants to be waiting on a Day One patch to install when everyone else is swishing their swords.

Going on earlier news, we were also expecting the game to “weigh in” at around 50 GB, so there’s a high possibility that further updates are yet to come. Not that we particularly want to inflate the file size…

Ahead of its release, the Epic store has been highlighting a number of other Samurai games on their site. But nothing similar has been offered on our console. Maybe that’s because the offering is far smaller than on the PC, which is an understandable limitation. Yet, there never seems to be much of an incentive to try a new (niche) genre at a more reasonable cost rather than gambling on a full price new release. I think that’s a trick Sony’s missing – not that their profit calculator would necessarily agree with me…

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