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Pre-order RAGE 2 For the Narrator Cheat Code “He’s on Fire”

I initially dismissed this an April Fool’s joke, but it seems to be real.

Do you internally monologue about your day, or do you wish someone was there to reflect the same awe at your most recent in-game accomplishment? Well, RAGE 2 has a cheat code for you. The “He’s on Fire” cheat code will add the voice of NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, as your enthusiastic sports announcer to give you a hearty Boom Shakalaka, as you ignite your enemies from downtown.

The trailer shows many situations and phrases you will encounter with the cheat enabled. The high energy voice-over is something that you’re going to love or hate, but it seems to fit the over-the-top action and ideas in RAGE 2 perfectly.  If you pre-order the game, this cheat code and a limited-exclusive mission will be yours.

RAGE 2 will release on May 14th.

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