Pre-ordering The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan Unlocks The Curator’s Cut

I’m excited to delve into the story of (long title incoming) The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan, and it looks like there is even more to see after you finish your first playthough. Dubbed The Curator’s Cut, you will be able to view the story from different perspectives. The trailer contrasts an early scene from the “theatrical version” vs The Curator’s Cut. Everything will play out from Brad’s point of view the first time you play. In the second, you will see that same scene from Alex’s point of view.

These two conversations occur at the same time, but you can only be immersed in one at a time. There are still choices to be made in new content that will impact other events. There will be more new choices, leading to more information and uncovering new secrets. If you want to see every little detail, it looks like a secondary (or more) playthrough is necessary.

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It’s an interesting idea and certainly encourages me to dive into the dangerous waters with a ghost ship for one more time. If you don’t want to pre-order (who could blame you), The Curator’s Cut will be available for free in “late 2019”. The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan will be available on August 30th.

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