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Predator: Hunting Grounds Release Date Announced; April 24th, 2019 on PS4

Illfonic’s Predator: Hunting Grounds finally has a release date for PS4, but it’s still some time away. Predator: Hunting Grounds will release on April 24th, 2020 for PS4, though you can pre-order the game now bag yourself some extra in-game goodies.

Developed by Illfonic, the studio behind Friday The 13th, Predator: Hunting Grounds puts players either in the boots of humans who must attempt to complete their missions before the Predator rips their spines out or in the space-dreadlocks of the Predator, who, well, you know what the Predator does. He rips out spines and hangs them on his wall like a weirdo.

For those who pre-order Predator: Hunting Grounds, there will be two in-game bonus items. The first is the exclusive ’87 Predator Skin, inspired by the big bad of the first movie. The other is Early Access to the “Ole Painless” Mini-Gun weapon. Will it help kill the Predator? Find out on April 24th, 2020.

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