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Prey VR Leaked By UK Retailer for PS4/PSVR

Could we really be getting Prey VR on PS4/PSVR? Probably not, but a listing on a UK retailers website has got fans all hot and bothered at the possibility.

Arkane Austin’s sci-fi game did well on its original release, though it fell short of expectations. There was a VR mode for Prey, but it was just one game mode and not the entire game. Could this listing perhaps be revealing a full PSVR conversion for the game? That’d be something, wouldn’t it?

The listing has now disappeared and the page returns a 404 page instead, indicating that somebody made a boo-boo by posting the product listing. It’s worth noting that the listing page only showed a simple placeholder box with the boldly printed words “PREY VR”.

It could be that Arkane and Bethesda are gearing up to reveal a VR version of Prey, or potentially a completely new game made for VR, much like DOOM VFR for PSVR and other headsets. Or, it could be an error by ShopTo, and there’s no such thing coming anytime soon. Fingers crossed for the best outcome, but don’t get too excited until Bethesda makes an official announcement.

Source: Twitter

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