Prey Will Be Sticking a Needle in Your Eye Sooner Than You Think

Prey Will Be Sticking a Needle in Your Eye Sooner Than You Think

A new gameplay trailer has dropped for Prey, and it is looks like Bioshock, Dead Space, and System Shock had a baby. If you do not want to hold that baby close to your heart right now, seek help immediately.

In Prey, you are Morgan Yu, a participant in testing to change humanity who wakes up on the space station, Talos I. Further proving that nothing good happens in remote space while performing human tests, there are aliens running amok and killing the crew, and you would like to avoid being dead for as long as possible.

By inserting a needle into your eye, you can gain powers stolen from the aliens. (With all that technology, you would think we could just take a pill.) One of the powers will allow you to become different objects in the environment and give you a sneak attack opportunity.

If powers are not your preferred method of alien extinction, you can use or make your own weapons. The GLOO Cannon will be one of the more unique guns. You can use it to wrap an enemy in sticky blobs or access a new path or area.

Prey is the type of game we would normally expect to see packed into the crowded fall release schedule, but it will be available on May 5th. This first half of 2017 is looking great.

Check out the trailer, and let us know in the comments why it always has to be the eyes.

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