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Prey’s Mimic Madness Video Shows the Aliens Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Shapeshift

Shortly after Prey’s reveal trailer, the internet caught on to something within the footage. There were a few items that seemingly moved and/or provided an escape for the alien antagonists. Turns out that the aliens could shapeshift and that porcelain cup you were going to use for coffee wants to kill you. However, guns won’t be the only way of combating those slimy, EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS! Sorry, we had the wrong reference from another horror movie. But seriously, don’t the basic enemy forms look like huge black spiders? Anyway, our hero Morgan will be able to utilize the Typon’s powers and transform into objects aboard Talos 1 too and it’s on full display in the Mimic Madness trailer above. We’re not too sure how effective a yellow caution sign is when battling powerful creatures but we digress. Also, transforming into a banana and floating out to the vastness of space might be a metaphor we can’t figure out yet.

Prey is being developed by Bethesda Studios and will release on May 5 for the PlayStation 4. It can even be pre-ordered here. Normally every RPG that this developer works on is great, but we’re still a bit worried over Bethesda’s new review policy, where media outlets won’t get press copies until the day before release. Rush jobs will begin in earnest and honestly hurt any good reception that Prey may more may not deserve. If you want to discuss Prey, the review policy, or anything else, hit us up in the comments below!

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