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Prison Architect Sentenced to June 28th PS4 Release

Management Sims are few and far between these days and even more so on consoles.

Thankfully we’re not completely without options as the awesomely addictive Prison Architect will be breaking free on PS4 this June 28th. There will also be a version released later in the year for the PS Vita – something we’re really looking forward to seeing as the handheld is perfect for these kinds of games.

Unfortunately there is no release date for the Vita edition just yet, though we’ll be keeping an eye out for it over the next few months.

For those who are unfamiliar with Prison Architect, the game is a management simply where you play as the great ruler of a prison. It’s your job to keep the inmates locked up and in good order by enforcing policies, managing meal times and so on. It’s actually a really, really deep game and this author is not ashamed to admit that our first play with the game (on PC) was a bit of a nightmare due to just how much there is to manage. That’s not a bad thing, mind, it just means it’ll take a little bit of time to really get invested in the game, but that’s kind of standard procedure with management sims.

Via: PS Blog

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