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Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Has A European Vibe

News of the Juventus exclusivity deal finalised the demo line-up for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. But despite losing its biggest tournament licence, the footballing sim still shows potential – especially to those of you who are partial to a spot of European football.

That’s because nearly half of the teams included are no stranger to the European stage. In fact, they’ve produced some of the most electrifying matches of the sport we’ve ever seen. So, with a little imagination, the European Pretend League could be a cracker this year.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s not the same when half of the teams and stadiums are without an identity. You’re disconnected from reality, and so too the tension, build up and rivalry that goes with it. But when you look at which teams are included as fully licenced representations, along with their accompanying grounds, you have to admit there is that potential I spoke of before. Matches begging to be played. History waiting to be replayed. Just certain matches, and specific history.

Anyway, enough of me and my European stage ramblings. You want to know which team’s boot laces you’re doing up in just over a week’s time. Well, take your pick from these fine squads, which includes a healthy dose of South America’s finest too:

  • FC Barcelona
  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Bayern Munich
  • Juventus
  • Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
  • CR Flamengo
  • Boca Juniors
  • Sao Paolo Fc
  • Palmeiros
  • Colo Colo
  • Club Atlético River Plate

The demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is available to download now, though it doesn’t kick off until July 30th. You need at least 5GB of space, which to Sony amounts to half of your hard drive, and a good dose of a British stiff upper lip for when our teams are once again schooled in the art of European football.

PS: for what it’s worth, I think the recent loss of Liverpool FC from the game is a great one – for the very reasons I’ve given above. Now, I know we were never privy to the contractual terms, and maybe it was only ever to be short lived. Or maybe FIFA came calling with a better deal, considering their recent form. But the football club is another one steeped in European pedigree. And that would have made them particularly suited to this iteration of the game. Not to mention the Merseyside-Manchester Derby angle.

And, no, that’s not coming from a disgruntled Liverpool supporter – just an admirer and fan of the sport.

Source: Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Twitter Feed

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