Procedurally Generated MMO, Trove, Coming to PS4 Later This Year

Procedurally Generated MMO, Trove, Coming to PS4 Later This Year

Trove was released a year ago on PCs by developer Trion Worlds. The MMO takes place in a fantasy setting that is procedurally generated and free-to-play. It’s touted as a “universe of endless possibility where action-adventure, role-playing, and crafting collide.” With a current player base over five million it’s hard to argue that. There has already been an expansion DLC released called Mantle of Power too and all of it is coming to PS4 later in the year.

We want to be everywhere that gamers are, and consoles are an important part of that strategy,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO at Trion Worlds. “Trove is ideal for PS4 and Xbox One. From its fast paced gameplay to its extremely broad appeal, we expect Trove to be a hit with console gamers of all kinds.”

In addition, there is a bountiful amount of player-created content. You can create weapons, mounts, costumes, dungeons, clubs, and other environments. No word on a specific date or if it will remain free-to-play for PS4 users but here’s a taste of the ambitious title.

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