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Project Cars 2 Will be Out Late 2017, VR Support From Day One

Project Cars 2 will be hitting our shelves late this year, according to Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad. And we’d like to believe them; after all, they should know.

The racing simulator gained a loyal following after its 2015 release. It was also highly praised by critics for providing a highly realistic racing experience coupled with impressive driving physics and weather systems. But one area that disappointed the developers last time around was the handling on slippery surfaces. This was something they were determined to master, and via close cooperation with real-life drivers (including The Stig, aka Ben Collins), Slightly Mad has produced an even more authentic experience than the first.

Get this: each droplet of rain falls from an accurately modelled cloud, which is at the mercy of the wind and will move. That rain is then either absorbed by the ground or will pool like it does in real life, leaving the track interspersed with slick patches and puddles. The dynamic weather and season system will also make the same track play completely differently depending on the time of year.

The game will include over 170 licensed cars, “the largest track roster ever on console” including the official Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Winter Training Ice Track in Sweden, and support for VR and eSports from day one.

“For us, we will now make every game we produce for VR,” creative director Andy Tudor said. “It makes you a better gamer; it’s as simple an idea as supporting a steering wheel – why would we not?”

“When you’re going into a corner, you can look at where you want to go and actually aim there. It makes you a better driver.”

Project Cars, Gran Turismo, F1, Dirt, none of the above – what is your go to racer?

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