Project: Eve’s Creature Designs Are Modeled in Clay First

If you don’t remember the gameplay trailer for Project: Eve last month, I’ve put it at the top. It shows the main character battling a nasty looking creature that has a chainsaw for a snout. The combat looks like it relies on precise blocks and dodging, but hitting with a giant sword doesn’t hurt either. Beating that thing will take more than button-mashing.

The creature has a very interesting design, and developer SHIFTUP dropped some new info and images on how it is creating them. Each one of these monsters is hand-modeled in clay first, before it is transferred over to the digital space. They then use what my press release calls “a high-density 3D scan and performance capture systems, among other techniques” to move them into the game. The devs feel that this adds more details and realism. If they are thinking of a collector’s edition for release, it looks like a cool statue.

While we know very little about Project: Eve, the story focuses on the main character Eve as she fights the NA-tives on a post-apocalyptic Earth. If they all look like the thing in the trailer, I can see why we lost. You can check out the screenshots at the bottom for a look at the clay model, the rendered model, the character model, and some concept art.

We should hear more about Project: Eve next year, and we’ll be sure to share it.

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