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Protect the Future in Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

Ever since we witnessed the sweet moves of Jean-Claude Van Damme and his even sweeter mullet in Timecop, we have known that the future needed to be protected from the bad guys. In the latest DLC for Star Trek Online, you will protect the Federation future by going to the past. Doc Brown and his chalkboard can give a good explanation for why this is important.

You are recruited as a Temporal Agent to go back in time to the period of Star Trek: The Original Series. After becoming a captain, you will be able to pilot multiple ships from that era, and visit famous locations like a time travelling tourist.

The free content will include a new faction, new missions, new ships from the 23rd century to the 31st century, a new specialization tree, and new weapons, but that is not even the best part. Some of the voice work will be performed by the original Chekhov, Mr. Walter Koenig. It will also include Scotty, voiced by James Doohan’s son, Chris, Admiral Leeta, voiced by Chase Masterson, and Temporal Agent Daniels, voiced by Matt Winston.

It seems like a good addition, and the price is right. For anyone who thought Kirk was a better captain than Picard, here is your chance to roam the galaxy of the 23rd century. Kissing green-skinned aliens has not been confirmed in this update, but maybe next time.

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