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PS Now Adds Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, and WWE 2K19 for September

PS Now is basically the slot machine of games, and every month we pull the handle to see if we’re a winner. This month, there are some big games joining the lineup. As far as AAA releases, Resident Evil 7 was a scary success. Breaking with the traditional formula, the game puts you in a swamp with a freaky family and mysteries to solve. It’s very tense, and I’ve heard it’s even more frightening with the PSVR.

The other games are Final Fantasy XV, WWE 2K19, and Observation. Final Fantasy XV followed the road trip adventures of Noctis and his boys as they fought an evil empire. Observation puts you behind the optical lenses of an AI named S.A.M. who must work with Dr. Emma Fisher to understand what happened at the space station Observation. Finally, WWE 2K19 gives you a lot of options to make a name for yourself in the ring in the MyCareer mode, and, unlike WWE 2K20, doesn’t seem to have been widely disliked.

There are always a couple of extra games that don’t receive a mention on the PlayStation Blog’s official post, so you’ll want to check PS Now…later to see what they are.

Did you clean up with the games announced for September, or did the house win again?

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