PS Now April 2021: Marvel’s Avengers Leads the Charge

Sony’s PlayStation Now subscription service might not be a scratch on Microsoft’s excellent Gamepass, but this month is actually really good with some big-name games hitting the service.

Sony has announced April’s PS Now games and the headline act is, of course, Marvel’s Avengers, which is available from today until July 5th, 2021. Coincidentally, that’s my birthday. It’ll be great waking up that morning knowing that I’m losing a little more time on Earth as well as access to a game. Excellent…

Borderlands 3 is the other big-name release, though it won’t be the upcoming Director’s Cut with all that juicy extra content. Shame, but at least it’s sticking around a little longer; you’ll have this one in your library until September 29th 2021.

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And finally, The Long Dark rounds out this month’s update. This one is perhaps what I’m most excited to play – it’s a survival game where you need to fend off the bitter cold to survive. I put a few hours into the game when it was a preview title on Xbox and it was good, so hopefully this full release version will be even better.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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