PS Now is Coming to Mainland Europe, Beta Sign Ups Open

Good news for Pure PlayStationers in mainland Europe: you can sign up for PS Now’s European beta. Yes, Sony has finally pulled its finger from its rear end and has gotten around to getting PS Now into mainland Europe.

There’s a catch, however – isn’t there always? – as the closed beta will only be available in France, Germany, and Luxembourg. So if you’re a world-class footballer playing for Real Madrid, or a sleazy Italian sipping horrid coffee – tough luck.

That’s not to say that PS Now won’t make its way to other countries within Europe, but for now the beta is strictly confined to the three aforementioned countries. Hey, it’s something, right? If you’re interested in participating in the beta, sign up here.

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For those who aren’t clued up on what PS Now is, it’s a game subscription service where you pay a set fee per-month and it allows you to stream a selection of PS3 games to your, er, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Some other devices are also compatible, such as Blu-Ray players and select TVs. It’s a nifty service but North America is getting all the good stuff at the moment, but it’s slowly getting there.

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