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PS Now February 2020 Update: LEGO Worlds, Cities: Skylines and The Evil Within Added to Subscription Package

February’s PS Now games have gone live on the service, bringing three fresh titles for you to download and play, or stream on your PC. Heathen.

The three new additions to the service should appeal to a very broad range of gamers. For horror fans, there’s The Evil Within with its gruesome scares and claustrophobic action. For those looking for something a little more family-friendly, LEGO Worlds is a safe bet with its focus on Minecraft-style exploration and building. It’s actually really good, too, and easy enough to pick up and play for the younger gamers among us. And finally, for the city-building fanatics the brilliant Cities: Skylines gives you the power to play the God of Economics.

It’s a fairly decent line-up, then. As they’re all PS4 games, you can download them to your PS4 console and play them at native resolution and without any hiccups due to input lag. However, if you’re not sure you want to fill your hard drive with a game you may or may not like, you can stream the game to give it a go and then download it if you fancy having the full pie on your console. Or just stream it. Whatever works best for you.

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I’ve given PS Now a lot of grief over the years, but in all honesty, I’m really starting to like the service. Of course, a few more games each month wouldn’t hurt, and if Sony can somehow magic it so that the PS3 games on the service can be played on the upcoming PS5, that would definitely help in the ongoing subscription war between Sony, Microsoft, and just about every other company that wants a slice of that laggy stream-your-games pie.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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