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PS Now Free 7-Day Trial Available Again, New PS4 Games Added to Service

Sony has announced that everyone can give PS Now another go with a 7-day free trial – even if you’ve already had a free trial in the past.

The announcement is coming after Sony announced that players can now download PS4 games from the service rather than relying on the dodgy streaming solution. So even if you’ve already had a 7-day free trial in the past, you can take another 7-day free trial to get a better feel for the new version of the service which is now more in line with Mircosoft’s Xbox Gamepass program.

In addition, Sony has also announced that 10 more PS4 games are being added to the service, including Sniper Elite 4, Elder Scrolls Online, and more.

It’s worth noting that in order to get the 7-day free trial you’ll have to have a payment method linked to your account, as when the trial period is over you’ll then be charged the monthly rate of $19.99.

It’s at least worth a look with the free trial – heck, you might even be able to download and beat a few games if you’ve got the spare time. Just don’t forget that it auto renews, so be sure to cancel if you don’t want to keep subscribing to the service.

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