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PS Now Might Allow You to Download Games in Future

One of the biggest complaints about PS Now is the fact it is a streaming-only service. That’s fine and dandy if you’ve got great internet, but even then it has its drawbacks. When compared to Microsoft’s Gamepass program, PS Now really does pale in comparison.

However, that may change sooner rather than later. As discovered by a user over on Reddit, PS Now may actually allow you to download games to play as part of the PS Now subscription service. At the moment the functionality isn’t working, though it does show the “download game” option. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say that Sony will soon turn on the ability to download games and we’ll get an announcement about it over on the PlayStation Blog.

That being said, don’t expect to be able to download PS3 games to play on your PS4. Backwards compatibility with PS3 games will most likely remain restricted to PS Now’s streaming service, but PS4 games? I can definitely see that happening.

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