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PS Now Will Soon Start Streaming PS4 Games to PS4 and PC

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. Like, not by a long shot. It wasn’t even an outside guess, yet here we are writing about it. Crikey… Sony has announced today via the PlayStation Blog that its video game streaming service, PS Now, will soon be streaming PS4 titles.

The service currently only streams select PS3 games to a variety of devices, though that list of compatible TVs, consoles, and Blu-Ray players will be shrinking in just a few short months time and will leave only the PS4 and PC as compatible PS Now streaming devices.

There’s no exact date given as to when PS4 games will be available as part of the PS Now subscription, though the PlayStation Blog did make note that there will be a closed beta in the coming weeks for active PS Now subscribers to test out. We imagine that we’ll likely see the PS4 games as part of the PS Now service in August – the month when PS Now is dropped from the PS3, PS Vita, and numerous other devices. 

We always thought that it’d be a million years (really?) until we’d be able to stream the vast amounts of data that comes with a PS4 game, though it seem like our initial estimate was just a tad inaccurate. We’ll keep you updated as best we can on the PS Now service and the PS4 games it’ll stream, though it kind of depends on if any of our lot get into the closed beta…

Would you stream PS4 games to your console or Windows PC? Or are you not convinced that the technology is quite there yet? Steam your brain’s innermost thoughts down to the comments below. No lag, please.

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