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PS Plus August 2018 Games Announced

Another month’s PS Plus lottery has been pulled, and we have the results. August’s PS Plus headline game is going to be Mafia III (review). The main character, Lincoln Clay, comes home from the Vietnam War to a war in his own town. After the mob kills his family, he will make them an offer they can’t refuse. Negotiating with guns and grenades typically results in a win for your side.

Dead By Daylight is the second big game for August. It is a multiplayer game in which four players face off against the Killer. Being caught is a recipe for pain and death, so it’s the happy-go-lucky title for next month.

Before I drop the PS3 and PS Vita titles, there are two more games coming next month. The PSVR title Here They Lie will be available until November 6th. It’s a first person horror title set in a bleak city. The people with masks are scary. The things that aren’t people are scarier.

For something that may keep you awake for another reason, Knowledge is Power will bring party trivia to your PS4. Part of the PlayLink family, you can use your phones or tablets as controllers to show you know more than anyone else. With a few adult beverages, you could have a lovely evening at home with friends or family.

Here are the PS3 and PS Vita titles for next month. I look forward to giving Serious Sam 3 BFE a little time, and please let us know in the comments which game you will be downloading first.

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