PS Plus December 2020: Just Cause 4, Worms Rumble, and Rocket Arena are Coming Home for Christmas [Updated]

[Update: Just moments after I hit the “send to the internet” button on this article, Sony came through and published the official post on its blog. Everything is confirmed.]

Sony has announced the next batch of games coming with December’s PS Plus, though it seems the platform holder has made a bit of a boo-boo and gone early with a tweet that has now been deleted.

Tweeting on its official channels, Sony announced that December 2020’s PS Plus games will be Just Cause 4, Worms Rumble, and Rocket Arena, and they’ll all be playable on PS4 and PS5. Though, especially in the case of Just Cause 4, they’ll be much more enjoyable on the new hardware.

Just Cause 4 released back in 2018 to middling reviews, but it has been updated massively since release and it’s definitely worth a look if you’re a PS Plus subscriber. Worms Rumble is not even really out, but it’s supposed to have its beta soon, so perhaps this one isn’t really a full release for PS Plus subscribers, just a nice bonus? Rocket Arena, meanwhile, is a third-person multiplayer shooter that released this summer, and again, it’s another one with lukewarm reviews. But, if it’s not going to cost you anything to try it, you might as well give it a go and make the most of your PS Plus subscription.

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Bear in mind that this “announcement” has since been removed by Sony, so it could change. That being said, it’s not likely that it will, but we’ll keep an eye out for official updates all the same.

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