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PS Plus Games for June Announced

Every month is different, so gather round, boys and girls of all ages for June’s PS Plus games. Next month you will be able to download X-COM 2 and Trials Fusion. Both of them have strategy elements. X-COM 2 is set 20 years after the first game, but it still includes the turn-based tactical gameplay. Trials Fusion forces you to take on ridiculously challenging tracks on your motorcycle. It won’t be easy, but you can gain skill or watch yourself repeatedly crash.

The rest of the games are listed at the bottom, but we did notice the list is missing any mention of a PSVR title. At the risk of being an entitled gamer, it seems like an odd exclusion. We were receiving one every few months.

Maybe we have more optimism than Little Orphan Annie, but we still think Daddy Warbucks Sony will be doing something special for E3 and the Days of Play sale. They might announce a free game there, but we won’t know for another two weeks.

Here are the remaining games for next month. Let us know in the comments where you rank June’s PS Plus games.


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