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PS Plus January 2021: Maneater is Your PS5 Bonus Game, Tomb Raider and Greedfall for PS4

Sony has announced the first batch of PS Plus games for the year, and it looks like we’re starting the year on the right foot as there are a couple of decent games included in January 2021’s PS Plus offerings.

The headline act this month is Maneater, specifically, the PS5 version of the game which features improved graphics and more next-gen features. We reviewed it last year and it was a decent enough game on PS4, so it should be even better on PS5. Bear in mind that Maneater is only available to PS5 owners with PS Plus subscriptions. If you’re on PS4, you don’t get this game.

What PS4 players do get, though, is Lara Croft’s last adventure in the reboot trilogy with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We also got around to reviewing this one on release and Jason only had good things to say about the game, so it’s a safe and solid bet that you’ll enjoy this one if you download it. What’s not to like? Action, guns, bows, and more action.

And finally, Greedfall, which is a game we haven’t reviewed by I am part-way through on Xbox Series X|S. Greedfall is an RPG that’s got a little jank to it, but from my early impressions, it seems like a decent middle-tier game that’ll eventually suck away too many hours from my life.

Free is free so it’s worth adding these titles to your download list, even if you don’t plan on playing them anytime soon. Maybe you’ll give Greedfall a go after you complete the latest hot RPG, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Or perhaps you’ll download Shadow of the Tomb Raider when you get a PS5 and play the game at 60fps. Either way, don’t let your subscription go to waste.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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